Founder of Evergreen Australia, Alex Green is a compounding pharmacist and cosmeceutical chemist. After gaining over twenty years’ experience in diverse segments of pharmacy, including hospital, retail and compounding both throughout Australia and in the UK, Alex decided to combine her passion for helping others achieve optimal health and wellness with her love of chemistry and formulating to develop the Evergreen Skin Care range. The products consist of natural bases, Australian botanical extracts and active cosmeceutical ingredients clinically proven to work.

"The concept was to create a range that was made in Australia, using Australian botanical extracts specifically for skin exposed to our climate”.

The range has been a culmination of many years’ research and development. Considerable time has been spent on each product to ensure that every formula, and finished product, is of an exceptional standard. Alex is excited to release this range after the time taken to create and perfect Evergreen skin care.

In addition to Evergreen Australia, Alex now owns and operates The Cottage Compounding Pharmacy in Grovedale. Compounding is customising and preparing medication for an individual patient when there are no suitable options available commercially. “It is a dream come true for me to have a pharmacy specialising in helping others find medications that can dramatically improve their health and quality of life. Often by the time our patients come to us, they have exhausted many or all options available commercially and are disillusioned with their current health outcomes. The difference our integrative medical doctors and specialists, along with compounded medication can make to a patient and their family is astounding. To be a part of this process and work with such a talented and inspiring team is an opportunity of a lifetime."

Alex has recently extended her creativity to branch out into other areas, including crafting hand poured soy candles and Australian botanical inspired artwork.


The key concept of the Evergreen range focuses on Australian botanicals. Australia has amongst the most diverse range of environmental conditions to be found anywhere in the world, from the dry and desolate interior, the lush tropical rainforests, the alpine region to the beautiful coastlines. Australian native plants have adapted to survive and thrive our harsh environment, and provide exceptionally high concentrations of antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Evergreen harnesses this concept, combining Australian botanical extracts such as Kakadu plum, lilly pilly, wattleseed, desert lime, Australian orange and macadamia oil, with active ingredients clinically proven to prevent and help reverse the signs of ageing.

Evergreen is designed and formulated in Australia, featuring Australian botanical extracts to be used to purify, protect and perfect skin exposed to the Australian elements.


Evergreen is exceptionally fortunate have a motivated, dedicated and energising group of people at its core.
Our team have been selected carefully and each member is passionate about providing the highest level of service and attention to detail possible.


The laboratory has state of the art equipment and we follow strict quality assurance protocols to ensure products of the highest standard possible.